Throughout the centuries, chauffeurs ferried rich people around in a separate cabin, hidden from public sight. As a result, limousine is a relatively generic term that does not relate to a specific type of vehicle. 

The regular and stretch limousines are the two most prevalent types of limousines. We possess the only white Rolls-Royce Phantom stretch limousine in Australia.



How Much To Hire A Stretch Limo?

You should examine the type of vehicle you rent, the number of people who will use it and for how long, the location, and the number of stops you will make to know the stretch limo hire cost.

When booking a stretch limo, the size of the limousine will be a major consideration. It will be determined by the number of passengers in your party. Most car hiring limo companies have a one-hour minimum rental period and provide packages for various occasions. Wedding rates are always higher than standard travel rates.

Consult us to provide you and your loved ones the specific reasonable prices of stretch limo hire near me, for the unforgettable experience of a lifetime on your special occasions.


What's The Difference Between A Limo and A Stretch limo?

A limousine is a large luxury vehicle with a barrier between the driver (in this case, the chauffeur) and the passengers or clients. Although there are many other types of limos on the market, we’d like to focus on the regular limousine and the stretch limousine. We’ll do so by highlighting the key distinctions between the two and what makes each one distinct.

​​Regular limos and stretch limos are the same. Their distinctions just include their size, purpose, number of passengers they can accommodate, colours, facilities, events they are best suited for, and passenger personal preferences.


The Auto's Length

When discussing limousine sizes, you may hear the term “auto,” which refers to the length of the limo’s extended section. When it comes to the length of their vehicles, the hummer limo and stretch limo differ significantly. 

Stretch limos are generally longer than regular limousines and may transport fifteen (15) to twenty (20) persons typically 10 metres long with a 3-metre stretch.

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Provision of Extravagance Level and Services

The stretch limousine has the upper hand when it comes to opulence and providing greater services/packages. The stretch limousine is a remarkable vehicle in general. The alloy rims, unusual body design, eye-catching and elegant size, front end, and paint job finishing may all draw attention — as can the sound system, movies, and a bar. 

That is not all the vehicle’s interior is one to die for if you are the type of person who loves rare and tranquil things. The inside of the automobile is generally easily balanced and flawlessly arranged, and everything else is just distinctive and amazing. The automobile gives you a powerful impression. The car may be customised or adjusted to the user’s liking.

The Cars Purpose

All limos are connected with opulence, class, and a demonstration of the high-end lifestyle, as previously said. When comparing the stretch limousine and the regular limousine, one can see that the two cars have a different level of indulgence. 

The stretch and regular limousines are, therefore, used for different purposes. The stretch limo is regarded as a luxurious vehicle. As a result, it is commonly used to transport individuals to gatherings or activities that are not necessarily parties. For airport transfers, business trips, and special occasions, regular style limousines are highly recommended.

Knowing the different types of limousines and the differences between a hummer and a stretch limousine is crucial when renting a limo. When it comes to limousine rentals, Rolls Royce Limousines has you covered. Rolls Royce Limousines provides clients with world-class limousine services. When it comes to offering luxury limousines, our objective at Rolls Royce Limousines is to exceed your highest expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for the greatest offers on the market; you will not be disappointed.

The People in Charge

The stretch limousine is more sophisticated than the regular limousine since it is longer and can carry more passengers.  As a result, stretch limos can only be driven by a professional driver with extensive expertise in such vehicles. In fact, not all limousines are stretch limos, many limousines are actually sedans – you may have even driven alongside one recently without knowing! 

When arranging your wedding, it’s crucial to know the difference between a limousine and a stretch limo. The first step in selecting the proper mode of transportation for your big day is to understand how many people each type of limo can accommodate, as well as its inside amenities.

What Are The Advantages of Hiring A Stretch Limo?

Stretch limos are therefore perfect for the transportation of a group of friends, a family, or several business associates. They are available in a number of colours and models and are used for a variety of purposes.  From amenities, they are equipped with TV screens, tinted windows, stereo system, fibre optic lighting, a full beverage refrigerator, and even hot tubs. How thoughtful, isn’t it? 


Stretch limos are typically utilised for weddings since they are romantic. They are connected with high-class occasions and are considered elegant and stylish. A stretch limousine can also be used as a photo backdrop. Stretch limos are the ideal backdrop for sleek, beautiful, and appealing images to capture memories on your wedding day or formal night.

Why Hire A Stretch Limo?

Arriving in luxury in a stretch limo hire can go above and beyond, demonstrating that you have put a lot of thought and work into this. Other people will turn their heads towards you and you will be able to make a good impression on your pals with a limo rental. 

You might take your pals for a limousine ride and continue the celebration at a different place. Spending time in a limo with your friends provides you with memorable memories and a special experience that you will remember for many years.

You can relax knowing that you are in good hands when you rent a stretch limo. The limousine companies’ chauffeurs will be submitted to background checks, so you can travel with complete confidence. The drivers are well-versed in the city’s layouts, ensuring that you get to your destination on time. With stretch Rolls Royce Limousines, you don’t have to worry about the ride. The chauffeur will be waiting to transport you to the event and return you home in the most pleasant and convenient manner possible. You must try it since it is something unique and special.

Are you prepared to make your event one to remember? Rolls Royce Limousines may provide you with a stretch limousine. Our fleet includes stretch hummers, stretch limos, and classic vehicles in a variety of colourful colours and passenger configurations, allowing you to choose the vehicle that best meets your needs. Consult us for a luxury service!