A chauffeur is not a chauffeur unless he has experience, has been trained, loves the vehicle he drives, the customer and takes pride in his appearance. A chauffeur is not a chauffeur unless the client, who paid good money for the service is happy with the experience. There are two parts to any ride, the vehicle, and the chauffeur, both combine in a dance to get you to your destination in one of life’s truly special experiences. At Rolls Royce Limousines, each one of our chauffeurs produces an experience worth while of the master of engineering that is the Rolls Royce. So enjoy the full experience that Rolls Royce Limousines provides.

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The soon to be largest city in Australia, Melbourne, is home to some of the most famous tourist destinations there. It also has a bustling commercial centre that draws numerous visitors from throughout the country and the world every year.

Getting about Melbourne can be a headache with such a dense and bustling population; local and visiting commuters confront almost impenetrable traffic every day, with virtually no parking near the city and a public transit system that mirrors the hectic and packed aspect of Melbourne itself. Because of these problems and difficulties that tourists and business travellers encounter every day in Melbourne, Rolls Royce Limousines provides a chauffeured vehicle service to make your stay comfortable, convenient, and relaxing. A chauffeured vehicle from HughesRolls Royce Limousines is ideal for tourists visiting Melbourne, our drivers are properly qualified and possess a plethora of local knowledge, enabling them to take you on a guided sightseeing tour of Melbourne if you so want.



You will see us coming, the Rolls Royce stands out amongst the pack, although we will find you, it’s part of the service, at Melbourne airport, you will see us, Rolls Royce Limousines expert chauffeurs.


Our chauffeur Melbourne is well-versed in the area, which may help you avoid wasting time, money, or additional stress. Whether you wish to attend a corporate conference, a special event, or a business meeting. We promise to arrive on time and in a more pleasant manner at your destination.

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  • To and from Melbourne, 24-hour Chauffeur Service
  • All Melbourne chauffeur services are pre-bookable
  • Chauffeurs who are well attired in a complete suit and tie
  • A promise of excellent services
  • Before usage, every one of our cars is washed and sanitised
  • Our drivers will go above and beyond to make your day memorable
  • Melbourne chauffeurs is amiable and educated
  • Our chauffeurs are hand-picked to have a positive attitude and provide the best service possible
  • Our cars are the best in Melbourne
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A collection of hand-picked professional chauffeurs and chauffeurs who are outfitted with sleek, contemporary cars that are ideal for service make up the Rolls Royce Limousines team.
Every day, a huge number of individuals pass through the city. Others of them can become irate while waiting for buses that are never on time, some might struggle to find a parking space that is being pursued by three people at once, and some might verge on panic when their Uber or taxi is caught in an unending traffic congestion. But there’s no waiting for anyone; you may be the one special among the five million. The service will be provided while you wait as you like.
Today, daily life in a major city is stressful and bustling. Since time is money at work, being on time is crucial while moving from one place to another. If you don’t manage your time well, you’ll be far from your objectives.



Any person who operates a motor vehicle is a driver. A chauffeur is a person hired to manage both the driving of the car and the demands of the passenger. A professional with expertise and a licence, a chauffeur.

A chauffeur is more than just someone who drives you from place to place. A chauffeur is a skilled expert who transports you in a classy, secure, and refined way. Chauffeurs assist their customers. They have received training in traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, and safety.

Verify recommendations, references, and reviews. Verify the number of years in operation.
The size of their fleet should be checked.
Examine Your Options in Person.
Verify the safety.
Learn about the costs.

Of course we do, you are our vip, we provide a vip service and you are the vip, getting you into our luxury vehicle and to your destination is our most important purpose. Most chauffeurs now carry smartphones, tablets, computers, e-readers, or other electronic devices to keep them occupied as they wait for their customers. Additionally, they are aware of the ideal waiting areas, so you won’t ever have to worry about them being late for an appointment.