When this magnificent Red Italian Supercar limousine roars up to your location, all eyes will be on you, just like they should be. The Ferrari limousine is dubbed the fastest limousine in the world. Walk the red carpet and act like the Superstar you truly are as the gull-wing rear doors automatically open.

Take a ride in the stretched 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena limousine. A limousine that clearly isn’t ordinary. As one of the world’s most recognised and expensive car brands it’s rare to see the adaption into a limousine, but here it is, the Ferrari 360 Moderna stretch limousine. Featuring a 400 horsepower v8 engine, gull wing doors, 8 seats and around an interior of only the most tasteful finishings, the Ferrari limo is a ride fit for a king and queen, perhaps a king and queen who like to go fast. 

ferrari limo interior hire Melbourne - Ferrari stretch limousine interior
Ferrari Stretch limo Melbourne
ferrari limo interior hire Melbourne
Doors Seats Colour
Gull Wing



The Ferrari Limo came into existence as it was transformed into a legitimate party machine over the course of three years by being cut in half and stretched by three metres. It no longer only looks like the same old boring sports vehicle, but now has eight seats in the rear, a minibar, a few TVs, and two gull-wing doors for good measure.

  • 0-100 in only 6 Seconds!
  • 3.6L Naturally Aspirated V8 Engine
  • 8 seats
  • lavish interior
  • Double Gull Wing Doors
  • Authentic Leather Upholstery
  • World’s Longest Ferrari